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FAQ - Michigan

Got a DUI – what now?

If you have been required by the State or Court to have a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) installed in your vehicle in order to get your restricted license, follow these steps:

  1. Call ALCOLOCK. We can verify that you are eligible for a restricted license and for getting a BAIID installed.
  2. Book an appointment. If you are eligible, we can install a BAIID within 48 hours of your call.
  3. Verify the installation with the Michigan Secretary of State. We will give you a registered certificate to confirm that you’ve had an approved BAIID installed.
  4. Receive your restricted license from the Secretary of State and drive away.

Call ALCOLOCK at 1 (855) 875-4579 for more information and to book an appointment.

Common Questions

Q: What happens if I don’t install a BAIID after receiving a court order?

A: If you do not provide verification that you have had a BAIID installed you may have all driving privileges revoked until your driving suspension is ended.

Q: How soon can ALCOLOCK install a BAIID in my vehicle?

A: You can usually have the installation completed within 48 hours of calling for an appointment.

Q: Who pays for the ALCOLOCK BAIID program?

A: As outlined by the law, the client is responsible for all fees associated with participating in any BAIID program.

Q: How long is a typical BAIID program?

A: In Michigan, the law requires a first time offender to participate for a minimum of 1-year, but the Secretary of State may require more.

**Note that program violations increase the length of the program.

Q: What is a program violation?

A: Program violations include things like failing a breath test, failing to provide a retest when required, and trying to bypass the BAIID. All potential program violations are fully explained in the “Compliance Manual” that you are given when you enroll with ALCOLOCK.

Q: How often are service appointments required?

A: In Michigan, ALCOLOCK service appointments are required every 30 – 60 days.

Q: How long do the appointments take?

A: ALCOLOCK service appointments typically take less than 20 minutes.

Q: Is the BAIID monitored?

A: Michigan law mandates that every breath test is logged and encrypted by the BAIID. As a certified provider, ALCOLOCK is required to transfer the data to a secure database and report any program violations to the Secretary of State.

Q: How can I know if I’ll fail a breath test before taking one?

A: Besides not drinking at all, the easiest way to ensure that you don’t fail a BAIID test is to test yourself in advance. Advanced breath alcohol testers like the DRIVESAFE portable breath tester use the same sensors as BAIIDs.

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