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Benefits of Becoming an ALCOLOCK Service Provider


ALCOLOCK has been a proud provider of ignition interlock equipment for over three decades. The ALCOLOCK service providers in our network are highly trained and offer all the benefits our clients have come to expect from ALCOLOCK. Here’s what you should know about becoming an ALCOLOCK contractor. Becoming an ALCOLOCK service provider can help both your business and your clients, as well as your community at large.

Benefits of Being an ALCOLOCK Contractor


There are no upfront costs when you decide to become an ALCOLOCK service provider. In fact, that’s one of the reasons that so many of our providers decided to join. We want to make it easier for more highly-qualified technicians to join our team, so we’ll never charge an upfront fee. Additionally, being an ALCOLOCK provider means more revenue for your business. You’ll receive full technical and administrative support as well as straightforward equipment installation. To recap, here’s what being an ALCOLOCK service provider can do for you.


  • No upfront costs.
  • Revenue for your business.
  • Full technical and administrative support.
  • Straightforward installation.


ALCOLOCK has a network of service centers throughout the US, and even worldwide. We have built our service network with quality assurance in mind. Each contract service center is backed by nearby corporate service centers staffed with highly trained ALCOLOCK professionals, so you’re never alone. You always have a network of support to turn to, right where you are.

ALCOLOCK is Reliable


ALCOLOCK ignition interlocks for state-mandated DUI/DWI programs are designed and build with our clients in mind. With user-friendly functionality and simple design, our devices are easy to operate and help our end users feel in control of their program instead of being overwhelmed by it. When you become a service provider and join the ALCOLOCK network, you get to pass that reliability down to your clients, which boosts the trustworthiness of your business as a whole. It’s a great way to serve others to a higher level while also obtaining the benefit of providing excellent service.

Easy-to-Use Ignition Interlock Features


Using ALCOLOCK’s ignition interlock devices is simple. They’re easy to operate, the warm-up time is fast, even in extreme weather, and they help users get on the road as quickly as possible. There are also detachable handsets to help avoid theft. Additionally, for those with bilingual clientele, every ignition interlock device comes equipped with English and Spanish display options.

We Are Always Here to Help


At ALCOLOCK, we’re committed to customer service, but it doesn’t stop with our clients. We pass that same dedication to service onto our providers. We’re passionate about helping drivers complete their ignition interlock program requirements on time and on budget, which means we’re just as passionate about helping our service providers, as well. We know that our ability to help program participants rests directly on how well we support our service providers. The program we offer includes ignition interlock training, a courteous support staff, a tech support hotline to help you when you need answers fast, and local assistance, as well.


We know that making the decision to become an ALCOLOCK service provider is a big one, but we’re here to help you through the process. Our staff is always available to help answer any questions you might have or explain the process in greater detail. We respect our providers and are here to help you be as successful as possible, because when you reach your goals, we help more people, and that’s what it’s all about.


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