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How Does an Ignition Interlock Connect to My Vehicle?

An ignition interlock has a handheld component which is linked to a unit called the Electronic Control Unit, or ECU. The ECU is connected to the power and control circuits of the vehicle which, when working properly, allow the vehicle to run. When you pass the breathalyzer test, a signal is sent to the ECU to enable the power and control circuits. If you fail the test, those circuits will remain disabled.


How Does an Ignition Interlock Work?

An ignition interlock device, or IID, controls the operation of your vehicle by either allowing or disallowing you to start your car. A handheld component will take your reading and send a signal to the ECU based on whether or not you passed. If you pass your test and your Breath Alcohol Concentration, or BrAC, is acceptable, the signal will tell the ECU to enable power and control functions. If you fail, you’ll be locked out.


How Can I Make My Payments?

No matter where you live, ALCOLOCK USA Service Centers accept either VISA, MasterCard or Discover payments. You can pay through MyProgram,  in person* or over the phone.

*only available at ALCOLOCK Corporate locations

Do You Offer Online Payments?

Yes. MyProgram is available for online payments. If you’d like to enroll in MyProgram, click here.


Will an Ignition Interlock Installation Damage my Vehicle?

In order to avoid damaging your vehicle, it’s important to have your ignition interlock installation done at a reputable facility with trained staff. ALCOLOCK’s technicians are highly trained and certified and know exactly what to do and what to avoid when installing an ignition interlock device. We go to great lengths to ensure that every installation goes to plan and is a success. If for any reason you experience difficulties with or have concerns about your ignition interlock, contact us for assistance. We’d be happy to help you.

How Often Do I Have to Give a Breath Sample?

In order to ensure that you haven’t consumed any alcohol after starting your vehicle, the ignition interlock device will require periodic, random samples as you drive. This is to maintain compliance with program requirements and with legal requirements. How often you have to retest might vary depending on where you live and the legal requirements your local jurisdiction has set forth. For more specific information, you can ask your attorney or contact us.


Will the Ignition Interlock Stop My Vehicle if I Fail a Breath Test?

Our ignition interlock devices will never force the vehicle or engine to stop. You’ll be asked to provide breath samples at random intervals, but you will be given an advanced warning. The handset will beep and display the word “Retest”. After that, the retest request timer will activate and you’ll be given ample time to stop the vehicle in a safe location in order to conduct the test. We do not advise conducting a breath test while driving when the vehicle is in motion.


Can I Remove the Ignition Interlock Device While I’m Enrolled in the Program?

No. If you attempt to remove the device yourself while you’re enrolled in the ignition interlock program, that is considered a program violation. This can and likely will result in the revocation of all driving privileges. Please consult your DUI lawyer or the authorities at your local court or jurisdictional offices for more accurate information about the specific penalties you’ll expose yourself to by attempting to remove your IID.


What Happens If I Forget My Service Appointment?

We make remembering your appointments easy. Your ignition interlock device will display appointment reminders right on the handset. However, if you do miss an appointment, make sure to get in right away. Five to seven days after your missed appointment, your device will enter lockout mode and you’ll have to get your vehicle towed to a Service Center.


Can I Reschedule My Service Appointment?

Sure. If you can’t make your appointment, you can reschedule your service appointment. Please contact your Service Center to reschedule.


Is it Possible to Have an Ignition Interlock Installed at One Location and Be Monitored in Another?

Yes, we do offer that option. If you want to be monitored in a different location, though, you may have to follow additional regulations based on the jurisdiction you’ll be in. Please contact your Service Center for more information. They will be able to provide you with more specific information that relates to your situation.


How Long Will the Interlock Condition Remain on My License?

It depends. The length of time during which you’ll be in the ignition interlock program can vary greatly based on your specific situation and circumstantial factors. Some of these factors include the state in which you committed the DUI, what your BAC level was at the time of your arrest, how many violations you’ve had in the past, and others. Please consult with your DUI attorney or the jurisdictional authorities in your area for the most accurate information.


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