Can You Get Your Interlock Removed Early?

If you or a friend or family member has to get an ignition interlock device (IID) installed, you’re probably thinking about the inconvenience of blowing into the device every time you want to start the car, or even continue driving. But trust us, you get used to it quickly, and it’s easy and painless. But still, you may be wondering “Can you get your interlock removed early?”

The answer in the vast majority of cases is a resounding NO. All 50 states and Washington DC have ignition interlock laws that dictate who has to get an interlock device installed after a DUI, and for how long. Some states are all offender states, meaning even if this is your first offense, you will need to get an IID installed in your vehicle, and successfully complete the restricted driving program before the state will authorize you to get your interlock removed.

How Long You Must Have the Device Installed Varies

While all states have IID laws, how long you have to have the ignition interlock device installed varies a lot from state to state. This is true even for first-time offenders. In general, states take several factors into deciding how long you must have the device installed. Most states have a base length of time, and may add on time depending on several factors, including:

  • Your BAC level at the time of your arrest
  • Whether this is a first or subsequent offense
  • If anyone was injured as a result of your DUI
  • Whether the IID requirement is administrative (from the DMV) or ordered by the courts
  • And more

We have seen interlock restricted driving programs be as short as 3 months, and we have seen people ordered to have an interlock installed in their vehicle for the rest of their lifetime. That is rare, and only for extreme repeat offenders.

Time Off for Good Behavior

A few states do offer the opportunity to shorten the time you have to have your IID installed, but they are the exception, not the rule. And they require you to have several months with absolutely no program violations or test failures in order to be eligible for time off for good behavior. Furthermore, time off for good behavior may only be for first-time offenders with a low BAC.

These states include:

Early removal in these states is not automatic. You will have to request a hearing to confirm your eligibility and fill out some paperwork.

Extending Your Interlock Program for Violations

While only a few states may give you time off for good behavior, all states will extend your interlock program for violations. This can be adding a few months, or making you start the restricted driving period all over again. Again, this depends on the state you live in, and what the violation was. Program violations include:

  • Not installing the device as ordered
  • Driving a car without an IID installed
  • Failing one or more startup tests
  • Failing a rolling retest
  • Skipping a rolling retest
  • Trying to have someone else take the breath test for you
  • Tampering with or attempting to remove the device
  • And more

And be advised, some of these program violations may also result in fines and jail time.

If You Are Terminated from the Restricted Driving Program

And of course, there is one surefire way to get your interlock removed early. That’s if you screw up so bad that the DMV removes you from the restricted driving program and makes you serve your full suspension with no driving privileges. You might also face fines or jail time, depending on your program violation.

Schedule Ignition Interlock Device Installation

If you need to get an ignition interlock device installed, ALCOLOCK is ready to help you, with fast and affordable installation. We have competitive pricing for service visits, as well. As a leader in the industry, you can count on ALCOLOCK. We operate in states across the country. To schedule your IID installation, just call the service location nearest you to set up your appointment. You can also call ALCOLOCK directly at (866) 700-9300. Please have your restricted driving program paperwork with you when you call, to speed up the verification process.

Once we’ve confirmed you are eligible for the program, we can generally get your installation scheduled within 48 hours of your call. You should plan on having someone drive you and your vehicle to your appointment. It will take about an hour for the technician to install the IID in your vehicle, train you how to use it, and explain what all of the sounds, lights, and messages mean. And before you go, we will schedule your first service visit. Those generally take about 20 minutes.

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