Is It Possible To Drive Without Using My ALCOLOCK Ignition Interlock Device?

If you’ve been convicted of DUI or DWI, your driver’s license was suspended. If you are now trying to get your driver’s license back through your state’s restricted driving program, you probably have a lot of questions about ignition interlock devices (IIDs). While state laws as they pertain to IIDs may differ, they all have some pretty serious penalties for people who try to drive without the required ignition interlock device.

It’s possible but not recommended for you to drive a vehicle not equipped with an ignition interlock device. If your vehicle is equipped with an IID, it NOT possible to drive without using your ALCOLOCK ignition interlock device. The car simply won’t start unless you blow into the handheld device, and pass the test. And of course, you can only pass the test if you haven’t been drinking. That’s how ignition interlock devices work.

Ignition Interlock Device Program Violations

While your state’s laws may differ from the next state over, chances are good that your state DMV or DOT website lays out all of the particulars of the ignition interlock device program, including how long you have to have the device in your car based on your offense, and what the penalties are if you violate the program in any way. Common ignition interlock program violations include:

  • Failure to install the ignition interlock device
  • Driving a vehicle that is not equipped with an ignition interlock device –not only is this a program violation, but you can be charged with driving with a suspended license.
  • Tampering with or trying to disconnect or remove the device
  • Failing to go to the scheduled service appointments within 5 days of the scheduled date
  • Failing the rolling retest
  • Skipping a rolling retest
  • Trying to get someone else to blow into the device for you
  • Failing to pay ALCOLOCK the monthly service fee for the device

Remember that the ALCOLOCK ignition interlock device records every time you take a test, every time you pass a test, every time you fail a test, if you try and tamper with the device, if you make it to your service appointments on time, etc. Everything the device records is uploaded once a month to your monitoring agency, which is generally the DMV, your probation officer, or both. You may be called in for an unscheduled maintenance visit if you have failed the breath test multiple times.

Penalties for Ignition Interlock Device Program Violations

Again, state laws will differ on the exact penalties for ignition interlock device program violations. Some states have a limit on how many times you can fail the breath test before you are penalized. Penalties can include:

  • Criminal charges — driving with a suspended license, ignoring a court order, tampering with property, etc.
  • Possible jail time if you are convicted of criminal charges
  • Revocation of your parole
  • Substantial fines
  • Extension of the amount of time you have to have the ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle
  • Being thrown out of the program and having to go through the full driver’s license suspension period or license revocation

Compliance With Your Ignition Interlock Device Program Can Save You Money

So, do you realize that even though you have to pay a monthly service fee on your ignition interlock device, that you are actually saving money if you comply with the program?  First off, you are generally only paying $2-3 a day for your ALCOLOCK ignition interlock device. By driving sober, you are probably saving on alcohol costs. You are also saving on DUI lawyer fees if you no longer drink and drive. And complying with the program will save you money in fines and the additional expense you would have to pay if your program was extended.

So while getting an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle may be an inconvenience, it’s worth it. Compliance with the program will get you closer each day to the restoration of full driving privileges.

We’re With You on the Way Back

At ALCOLOCK, our main goal is to make it easy for you to comply with the requirements of your restricted driving program. Your ignition interlock device plays a big part in that program, so you want to make sure you work with a provider who has been in business a while and complies with all of the state and federal regulations regarding IIDs. Call ALCOLOCK at 866-700-9300 with questions, or use our contact form to schedule your installation.

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