What if I’m Out of State and I Have Problems With my Ignition Interlock Device?

If you’re traveling out of state or to Canada in your ignition interlock device-equipped vehicle, you’re smart to be thinking ahead. Before you head out of state, whether for a day trip or for a vacation, be sure to double-check your restricted driving program rules, to see if that is even allowed.

If you are not allowed to drive beyond to work, school, or substance abuse treatment, obviously you would not be traveling out of state. If you do, it is regarded as a serious program violation. If your device is GPS equipped, your monitoring agency will know the moment you have crossed state lines. So if your program restricts you geographically, let someone else do the driving in their vehicle.

If you’re OK to drive out of state, then we suggest is letting your local service provider know you will be traveling out of state. They may have some tips for you. It’s also important that you arrange your schedule to make sure you make any required service visit.

ALCOLOCK has service locations across the United States, as well as Canada. Currently, we operate in:

United States













New Mexico

New York

North Carolina










Northwest Territories


If you have problems with your ignition interlock device that require service, we can arrange for you to go to one of our service locations in that state, or in a nearby state if you’re close to the border. If we don’t operate within 100 miles of where you are, call us at (866) 700-9300, and we will make arrangements to help you. In some instances, we may be able to remotely download information, recalibrate, or reset the device.

Ignition Interlock Device Troubleshooting Guide

There are many issues you might encounter with your ignition interlock device that you can solve yourself. These tips are for any time you are driving your vehicle, whether you’re out of state or not.

If Your Interlock…

You Should…

Won’t turn on

Check your vehicle battery.

Displays an error code

Refer to the Error Code list in your manual, and do what it says.

Displays an Early or Immediate Recall

Call your service provider or ALCOLOCK directly.

Aborts a breath test

Retake the test, or check the Abort code.

Has entered Permanent Lockout

Contact your service provider or ALCOLOCK directly.

Requires service

Contact your service provider or ALCOLOCK directly.

If you’re still having issues, remember that ALCOLOCK provides 24/7 support to all of our customers. We will not leave you stranded. As always, you will be responsible for any costs associated with your ignition interlock device, whether that is payment for a service visit, towing, etc.

Your Device Works the Same and Records Wherever You Are

Your ignition interlock device is designed to work the same wherever you are. You will still have to blow into the device every time you want to start the vehicle, and perform rolling retests, according to your home state’s restricted driving program. All of that information will be transmitted to your home state monitoring agency. And since all 50 states have ignition interlock programs, they share information with other states. So if you are required to have an interlock device in one state, the same requirements apply in other states.

Do You Need to Schedule Ignition Interlock Device Installation?

The first thing is to decide which ALCOLOCK ignition interlock device installation location is most convenient to where you live and work. You can call that service center directly, or call ALCOLOCK at (866) 700-9300.

Plan on having someone drive you and your vehicle to the appointment.  You can drive only after the IID is installed. You’ll need to block out about an hour for your installation appointment. During this time, the technician will connect the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to your vehicle’s starter. The technician will also calibrate the handheld device to you, specifically, and train you in how to use it correctly. They will go over what the various sounds and messages mean. And don’t worry, you don’t have to remember everything immediately. You will get a user’s manual to keep with you until you complete your restricted driving program. In addition, if you have any problems with the ignition interlock device, you can visit our Support page, or call us 24/7 at (866) 700 9300.

Finally, the technician will make an appointment for your first service visit. All states require these service visits, usually on a monthly basis. The device will send you a reminder of your maintenance appointment a few days in advance. If you must reschedule the visit, call your Service Center right away. You need to bring your vehicle in for the service visit within a certain timeframe or risk a permanent lockout.

Payment for installation will be required the day of installation.

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