Can An Ignition Interlock Device Be Installed On Any Motor Vehicle?

If you or a family member has been convicted of a DUI or DWI, you may have been ordered to get an ignition interlock device (IID) installed on your vehicle. But you may be wondering — can an ignition interlock device be installed on any motor vehicle? In general, yes. But there are certain electrical system requirements.

ALCOLOCK’s ignition interlock devices can be installed on any vehicle with a standard 12-volt electrical system. The 12v electrical system became industry standard for motor vehicles in 1955, so this covers most vehicles on the road today. If you want an interlock device installed on a classic or antique vehicle, we would have to schedule a special appointment to address any electrical system issues.

When you contact us to schedule an installation, our technicians will ask you some basic information about the age, make and model of your car that will help us determine if there may be an issue with your electrical system compatibility.

Is a Motorcycle a Motor Vehicle

For the purposes of an ALCOLOCK ignition interlock device installation, a motorcycle is not a motor vehicle. We’re talking about cars, trucks, SUVs and even commercial vehicles. We  do not install our devices on motorcycles.

State interlock device laws vary, so you will want to check with your DUI lawyer and local jurisdiction to make sure you are in compliance with the interlock device requirements.

Will the Ignition Interlock Device Drain My Battery?

Since the interlock device Electrical Control Unit (ECU) connects to your vehicle’s electrical system, it does require a very small amount of battery power. If you have a failing battery, or your vehicle will be left unattended and parked for an extended length of time (such as a vacation), the ignition interlock device could cause a power drain on your battery. If either of these situations applies to you, call your ALCOLOCK service center.

Will the Interlock Device Damage My Vehicle?

No. Our installation technicians treat your vehicle just like we would treat our own. Your ECU will be connected without any scratches, scuffs or dents to your vehicle. We take great care to make sure that your ignition interlock device installation goes smoothly. If you have any problems or have questions about your ignition interlock, contact us for assistance.

OK, So I Want ALCOLOCK to Install a Device. What’s Next?

Although state laws vary, some of the main steps in the process are the same.

  1. Call ALCOLOCK. We’ll ask you a few questions and confirm that you’re eligible for a special restricted license. We’ll discuss what you’ll need to do before we can install your ignition interlock device.
  2. Make your installation appointment. When we verify your eligibility, we will then schedule your ignition interlock device installation within 48 hours of your call.
  3. Complete your verification.  When we install your ignition interlock device, we’ll give you a registered certificate that says you now have the device installed in your vehicle. You’ll need that certificate to get your special restricted license. .

How Do I Use the ALCOLOCK Ignition Interlock Device?

At the time of installation, your technician will give you a detailed, step by step training for using the device. You’ll learn how to properly blow into the device, and what all the sounds and lights mean. The handheld device has on screen instructions, which makes using it easy.

You’ll learn what happens if you fail a test, and how long you have to wait before you can try again.

In a nutshell, if you pass the so-called “blow and go” test, the handheld unit will communicate with the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) we’ve connected to your vehicle’s starter, and you will be able to start the car and go on your way. If you blow and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is higher than the limit allowed, you fail the test. In this instance, the ECU will disable the car and you won’t be able to start it.

If you are already driving and are required to do a retest, the device will give you advance warning so that you may pull over to a safe location to take the test. If you choose to retest while the car is in motion and you fail the test, the device will not stop your vehicle in the middle of the road. It will, however, record the test result and report it.

How Long Will I Have to Have the Device in My Vehicle?

That depends on your individual circumstances — whether the DUI or DWI was your first offense, what your state laws are, etc. You may want to consult with your DUI lawyer to see if there are things you can do to lessen the time you have to have the device in your car.

When you’ve met your program’s requirements and we get the authorization to remove the ignition interlock device, we’ll schedule an appointment with you to get that taken care of.

We’re With You On the Way Back

ALCOLOCK wants you to succeed. We’re dedicated to helping you comply with the terms of your DUI/DWI ignition interlock device program. Successful completion brings you that much closer to getting your driver’s license back and regaining full driving privileges. Call 866-700-9300 with questions, or use our contact form to schedule an installation.

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