What Is the Most Discreet Interlock Device?

What Is the Most Discreet Interlock Device?

If you were convicted of DUI/DWI, chances are good that your life has changed. A drunk driving conviction can wreak havoc on your personal life, your family life, your job, your finances, and more. Once you have served any time in jail, you’re ready to try and get your life back to normal. In most states, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), that includes installing an ignition interlock device (IID) in your car as part of your state’s ignition interlock laws. But you don’t want to broadcast that you have an IID to everyone, so you’re wondering, what is the most discreet interlock device I can get?

You probably don’t want any random person who looks in your vehicle to notice your IID. And you want an interlock device that you can use discreetly. Keep reading to see what we have to offer.


We can’t speak for other interlock vendors, but at ALCOLOCK™, the smallest and most discreet interlock device is the V3. It’s smaller than some of today’s large screen cell phones, and about the size of an electric shaver. And there’s a lot of technology packed into that small unit.

Some key features of the V3 interlock device include:

  • Discreet size
  • Only 5 seconds sustained breath needed for a sample
  • Analysis time 5 to 25 seconds
  • Recycle time 10 to 30 seconds
  • Only needs calibration once a year

Even with its smaller size, the V3 can stand up to heavy vibrations and dirty, dusty, and humid conditions. It is available to you if you have a court mandate to install an IID, but it is also available to you for personal use. You can participate in a lease to own program as a private individual. If your program is state-mandated, you will lease the device, and we will remove it when you successfully complete your restricted driving program.

Easy to Use Ignition Interlock Device

And like all ALCOLOCK™ products, the V3 ignition interlock device is easy to use. For every startup test or rolling retest, you know exactly what the V3 registered. It has:

  • Specificity to alcohol only
  • Tri-color LED (Pass, Warn, Fail)
  • Graphic LCD display
  • Range of measurement of 0-1.0 mg/L
  • Accuracy of ± 0.02 @ 0.20 mg/L
  • Memory can record and store up to 100,000 events

With its alcohol-specific sensor, high accuracy, and the large range of measurements, you will not need to worry about a false positive. And the easy to read graphics and signal lights mean you’ll always know your test results in a matter of seconds.

Meets or Exceeds State and NHTSA Requirements

With all of these features, the V3 meets or exceeds the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) model specifications for ignition interlock devices. You will want to check with your state DMV/DOT to see if the ALCOLOCK™ V3 is one of the devices you may use as part of your restricted driving program.

Your local ALCOLOCK™ service center can also tell you if the V3 is available for use in your program. If your program requires a camera and GPS-equipped device, the V3 is not suitable. But we have ignition interlock devices that meet those requirements, and we are happy to help you find the device that complies with your restricted driving program.

Schedule Ignition Interlock Device Installation

ALCOLOCK provides fast and affordable ignition interlock device installation at service locations across the country. Just call the service center most convenient for you to schedule your installation appointment. You can also call ALCOLOCK directly at (866) 700-9300 and we can help you get scheduled.

Unless you are getting the device voluntarily, you will want to plan on having someone drive you and your vehicle to your appointment. Set aside an hour for the installation and training. Once the technician has completed the IID installation and trained you on how to use the device, you will schedule your first service visit. Then, you are free to drive, according to the rules laid out in your restricted driving program.

Your service visits are state-mandated and will last about 20 minutes. Depending on your state, you will need to come in for regular visits every 30-60 days. Your restricted driving program documents will detail all of that, and your technician can answer most of your questions as well.

At ALCOLOCK, our goal is to help you get back on the road and help you complete your restricted driving program as quickly as possible.

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