Can I Voluntarily Install an Ignition Interlock Device?

While the majority of ignition interlock devices we install are because of a court order or a part of a client’s effort to avoid serving a full license suspension, we frequently have people ask “can I voluntarily install an ignition interlock device?” The answer is yes. ALCOLOCK can help you voluntarily install an ignition interlock device (IID) at any one of hundreds of locations across the United States.

You can call us at 866-700-9300 to discuss the details of how it will work. Since we don’t have to report the test results to your state monitoring authority, the monthly cost of having the IID installed in your vehicle will be less than it would be if you were court-ordered to install the device.

We have several private use ignition interlock devices to choose from. Your cost will vary depending on the device you choose and what capabilities it has (camera, etc.) as well as the state you live in. We lease the devices rather than sell them as they can only be installed, serviced and removed by a trained technician.

Reasons to Voluntarily Install an Ignition Interlock Device

There are a number of reasons you might want to voluntarily install an ignition interlock device. We won’t ask you the reasons why. Frankly, it’s none of our business. But when we install your ignition interlock device, we will train you in its proper use just like we would for someone who is mandated by the courts to have an IID installed on their vehicle.

Over the years, people have voluntarily installed ignition interlock devices for a number of reasons, including:

  • They are recovering alcoholics and want to ensure they don’t drive drunk
  • They don’t want their spouse to be able to drive drunk
  • They are concerned that a teen driver may try to drink and drive
  • The court-mandated period for their IID has run out, but they are not confident they won’t try to drink and drive again

Whatever your reason, we would be happy to help you with voluntarily install an ignition interlock device.

How Ignition Interlock Devices Work

The ignition interlock device is a breathalyzer that is tied into your vehicle’s ignition system. To use it, you blow into the mouthpiece on your handheld device, and the device registers your breath alcohol content (BAC). The handheld device communicates the results of your breath test to the Electrical Control Unit (ECU) that is connected to your vehicle’s starter.

ALCOLOCK’S ignition interlock devices use an ethanol fuel cell sensor. These sensors use an electrochemical process where any alcohol on your breath reacts with an electrode to produce an electric current. The IID measures that current to determine your BAC. The more alcohol on your breath, the higher the BAC level. If your BAC is above the set limits you set on your private use device (which should be well under .08) the ignition interlock device will not let you start your vehicle. If there is no alcohol on your breath, you can start your vehicle like you normally would.

Your device will record all test results, and we can print out those results or send them to you electronically, just like we would send them to the DMV or DOT if you had an interlock restricted license. When we set up your IID, you can determine if the device can permanently lock out a driver who fails the test several times in a row. The only way to unlock the device would be to have the vehicle towed to your service center.

Ignition Interlock Device Installation Locations

ALCOLOCK has ignition interlock device installation locations in a number of states across the country. From California to New York, and Minnesota to Texas, our trained and state-certified technicians are here to help you. For voluntary ignition interlock device installation, you may want to contact us with any questions you may have before scheduling your installation, Call us directly at 866-700-9300 or use our contact form.

Your actual installation appointment will last about an hour. That includes the time install the device, as well as the time to train you in how to use the device. You’ll also need to bring your vehicle in for monthly service checks to ensure the device is working as it should, and for us to retrieve the information the device recorded. We will remove the ignition interlock device whenever you want to schedule that.

You are to be commended for your efforts to keep a drunk driver off the road. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, ignition interlock devices have prevented nearly two and a half million people from driving drunk.

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