Is My Ignition Interlock Device Protected Against Theft or Accidental Damage?

For your convenience and protection, ALCOLOCK does offer an optional Device Protection Plan at a nominal cost per month. Repairing or replacing your ignition interlock device (IID) will be covered for things such as:

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft
  • Natural disaster

A protection plan offers you peace of mind in the event of accidental damage or theft.

What to Do If Your Device Is Stolen

There’s really no reason anyone would want to steal your IID. It’s not like they want to install it in their own vehicle, or like they can pawn it. Ignition interlock device handheld units are useless without the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), and the device has to be installed by a certified technician.

But let’s say a thief broke into your car and ransacked it for anything valuable. They took your cell phone, some loose cash, and saw this electronic gizmo and grabbed it too. Now you can’t even drive your car. What to do? There are several steps you can take:

  1. Call the police to report the theft. Make sure you get the report number from them.
  2. Call ALCOLOCK at 866-700-9300 to tell us what happened, and give us the police report number. You’ll probably have to get your vehicle towed to your service center, where a technician will replace the handheld device and repair or replace the ECU, if needed.
  3. Report the theft to your auto insurance company, if you have coverage for theft of items.

What to Do if Your Car Is Stolen

If your car with the device installed is stolen the first thing to do of course is file a police report, and call your insurance company. As far as being able to drive, if you have another vehicle with a device already installed (based on your state’s ignition interlock device law) you can just start driving that vehicle.

If your state didn’t require you to install an IID in each vehicle registered to you, you have a decision to make. Do you want to wait to see if your car is located? It might be worth it to wait a few days to see if someone just took it for a joy ride.

Your other option, if you have access to another vehicle, is to get an ignition interlock device installed on that so that you may continue to drive to work, school, the grocery store, etc. If your car is recovered but it’s totaled, your insurance may allow you to purchase a new vehicle in which case you would get an IID installed before you could drive anywhere. If the IID in the stolen car was still in operating condition, your service technician could potentially remove it from the first car and install it in the new one.

In any case, if the car is recovered with the device, let us know so we can retrieve the device.

What to Do if Your Device Is Accidentally Damaged

You should know that we take damage to our leased devices very seriously. If we can prove the damage is due to you or someone else attempting to tamper with or remove the device, you will be responsible for the costs of repairing or replacing the device. You may also be kicked out of your state’s restricted driving program.

If your device was genuinely damaged accidentally, such as a child spilling juice on it, or you brought the handheld device inside and your child dropped it in the toilet or the dog thought it was a new chew toy, you should call ALCOLOCK right away to report the damage. If the device is inoperable, you’ll have to get your vehicle towed to the service center. Even if it is still operable, you’ll need to come in early for servicing so the technician can make sure everything is working properly. An accidental damage plan protects you in such cases.

Schedule Your Ignition Interlock Device Installation

If you need to get an ignition interlock device installed in your car, simply call your nearest ignition interlock device installation location, or call ALCOLOCK directly at 866-700-9300 to schedule your IID installation. You will need to have paperwork from the state showing you are eligible for restricted driving program. You should also plan on having someone drive you and your vehicle to your installation appointment, and plan to be at the service center for about an hour. That includes the actual device installation, as well as the time it takes to calibrate the IID specifically to you, and train you in how to use the device.

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