How Do I Choose An Ignition Interlock Device Provider?

If you’ve been convicted of drunk driving, you may be required to get an ignition interlock device (IID) installed on your vehicle as part of getting your full driving privileges back. But how do you choose an ignition interlock provider? If you’re lucky, you have several providers to choose from. We’ve pulled together some things to look for when choosing an ignition interlock device provider. And kudos to you. You’re smart to comparison shop.

Location, Location, Location

Your state Department of Transportation or Department of Motor Vehicles website should have a listing of all of the approved ignition interlock device providers in your state. The paperwork you received ordering you to install an IID may also list the IID providers. You must have your ignition interlock device installed by a state-certified provider.

Check out each of the provider websites and locate a couple of service centers near you. You’re going to want to choose an ignition interlock device provider close to your home or work. That’s because after your initial ignition interlock device installation appointment, you’re going to have to take your vehicle in for monthly or every two months visits. These maintenance appointments are required by law.

Look for an Ignition Interlock Device Provider with Experience

Check to see how long the ignition interlock provider has been in business. Excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back, but at ALCOLOCK, we are pioneers in the ignition interlock device industry. We’ve been providing drivers with dependable ignition interlock devices for more than 40 years.

You want a provider with staying power. Google the company name and see what comes up. You may find reviews, or news articles that reflect positively or negatively on the provider. Check out the company websites to see if they can answer some of your questions up front.

Choose an Ignition Interlock Device Provider Who Is ISO 9001 Certified

This may sound like gobbledegook to you, but you’ll want to choose an ignition interlock device provider who is ISO 9001 certified. This means the product manufacturer and the IIDs they make meet or exceed industry standards. In the world of ignition interlock devices, industry standards are laid out in the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Model Specifications for Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices.

You should be able to depend on your ignition interlock device to perform accurately and dependably, every single time.

Compare Ignition Interlock Device Costs

You probably already know this, but you are responsible for all costs associated with installation and maintenance of your ignition interlock device.

Most ignition interlock device providers will not list pricing on their websites. This is because different states have different requirements for their IIDs, which can affect the price of the device. Keep in mind you will be leasing the device, so there will be a monthly service fee on top of the initial cost of installation. Remember to break down the monthly service fee into a daily price. In many cases, the daily cost is only $2-3, which is less than you would pay for a Starbucks coffee, fast food meal, or a drink.

You may have to call around to service centers for pricing. And ask if there are any special deals going on in your area. And make sure that you can pay online, because that is the easiest way to pay.

Look for 24/7 Support

Make sure that the ignition interlock device provider provides 24/7 support. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the night with a malfunctioning device. Check out their website as well for troubleshooting tips. Many times you can resolve a problem on your own, but you should have the peace of mind that help is there when you need it.

You drive at night, and you drive on holidays. You need an IID provider who provides 24/7 support.

Choose ALCOLOCK to Be Your Ignition Interlock Device Provider

When you compare apples to apples, if we have a service center convenient to you, we think you’ll choose ALCOLOCK to be your ignition interlock device provider. ALCOLOCK is a pioneer in the industry, and we offer competitive pricing. Call us at (866) 700-9300 with questions, or use our contact form. You can also schedule an installation directly with one of our service locations.

Installation takes about an hour, and maintenance visits take about 20 minutes. Our goal is to get you back on the road quickly.

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