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An ignition interlock device (IID) is one of the fundamental tools needed to help someone return to the road safely and responsibly after a DUI/DWI conviction. At ALCOLOCK USA, we are committed to providing the highest quality service and product to our clients. We pride ourselves on our customer care and dedication, our quality product and continued client support.  We lead our clients through the installation process of an ignition interlock device from start to finish and are always available for continued product support. Alcolock USA’s leading ignition interlock device maintains the highest quality and standards of IIDs and related monitoring. To make the process as easy and stress-free as possible:

  • We manufacture our own ignition interlocks and stand behind their reliability. We want our clients return to the road safe and we are proud to provide one of the key tools to do this.
  • We install the ignition interlocks for our clients. With service centers in 20 states and phone support we don’t just provide the IID, we are committed to the safe and secure installation from start to finish.
  • We provide full equipment training for our clients. We won’t leave them with unanswered questions or uncertainty over our product. Our client’s safety and IID integrity is our top priority.
  • We instruct our clients on the ignition interlock program requirements as mandated by applicable state law. The nuances of DUI/DWI laws from state to state and IID program requirements can be overwhelming and the right data can be difficult to find. We make sure our team of experts are providing the correct information to our clients through extensive training.
  • We meet with our clients regularly during their scheduled service appointments. We want our clients to feel respected and supported through this process.
  • We make sure our customers’ concerns are heard and addressed 24/7 through our toll- free technical support line. We understand this process can be overwhelming and 24-hour technical support is just one of the things we offer to ease the burden.

Hablamos Espanol – We have full services provided in Spanish to ensure our customers are receiving comprehensive and accurate information and assistance.

Our services are:

  • Affordable. Alcolock USA provides an affordable product and can assist clients with options such as payment plans for qualifying candidates.
  • Transparent with no hidden charges or extended program durations. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and our clients will not be surprised by fees or charges.
  • Conveniently located. With locations in 20 states, ALCOLOCK uses the highest quality service centers and mechanics to ensure our clients are taken care of the first time, every time.


Jurisdictional Authorities


Though the penalties for DUI/DWI convictions are similar, laws vary state to state and the wrong information can be detrimental to someone trying to rebuild themselves after a drunk driving related incident. At ALCOLOCK, we work with jurisdictional authorities to ensure that our customers meet their ignition interlock program requirements. To ensure their success in the program, we help our clients learn about the process and understand the technology behind the ignition interlock:

  • We provide training on the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) and instruct our clients about program expectations. Our clients are provided comprehensive training as well as compliance manuals to ensure they are fully informed.
  • We meet with our clients regularly during their scheduled service appointments to ensure that jurisdictional regulations are being met. Situations can change and unforeseen situations are a part of daily life. Our continued support ensures that clients remain compliant in their program, whatever changes may occur.

Our ignition interlock experts ensure that:

  • All testing events are securely encrypted, and all violations are reported to the appropriate jurisdictional authorities within the hours of the IID service. The speed and accuracy of our reporting is for the continued safety and compliance of our clients.
  • The ignition interlock program and reports are fully customizable to meet the requirements of any laws or governing bodies.

ALCOLOCK IIDs are among the most reliable on the market. They feature:

  • Intellihum™ and other technologies to verify that the sample is legitimate and unable to be bypassed.
  • Police-grade fuel cell technology for accurate readings. By using the highest-grade censors, we are able to provide timely and accurate readings and records for those using the IID.
  • Fail-safes to ensure clients will not be mistakenly stranded. Clients will not be unreasonably locked out of their vehicle and our 24 hour support centre is on hand to assist at all times.
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