Ignition Interlock Installation | Santa Monica, CA

Getting Back Behind the Wheel

At ALCOLOCK, we understand that your job, your family, your daily life, can all depend on you being able to drive. Although your DUI conviction may feel like a block or even an end to your driving, there are steps you can take for a safe and responsible return to the road. One of these steps is the installation of an ignition interlock device. If you obtained a DUI conviction in the state of California and have been granted a restricted license for employment or hardship purposes, you will have to install an ignition interlock device as part of your restricted license requirements. An ignition interlock device is going to be one of the tools you will need to be able to return to some routine and operate your motor vehicle legally and responsibly.

ALCOLOCK USA Has California Covered

We want to help you get back on track and take the hassle out of the IID installation, so you can return to some sense of normalcy.  ALCOLOCK has 24 locations available in the state of California with service centers between Sacramento and San Diego. M&M Glass Tinting in Santa Monica has a team of trained experts ready to assist you with your IID installation and device training. Call today to set up your appointment. Our service centers offer speedy ignition interlock installation, affordable pricing, and friendly customer service! All ALCOLOCK service centers accept payment by VISA and MasterCard in person or over the phone. Once installed your device can be monitored in a different location. If you would like to be monitored in a different location, additional region-specific authority regulations may apply.

M&M Glass Tinting Santa Monica, California

2420 Lincoln Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone: 1 (877) 258-5696

Hours of operation: By appointment

Located between Cedar Street and Kensington Road, near Joslyn Park.

Calling ALCOLOCK is the first step to getting your ignition interlock device. We are committed to customer service and once you are in the care of our team you can be sure to receive:

  • An ignition interlock installed as early as 48 hours after your call.
  • Your certificate of installation for your records.
  • Comprehensive training of your device and a compliance manual to help successfully complete the program.
  • The continued support of the ALCOLOCK team.
  • Regular maintenance of your device to it is working correctly and tracking your progress.
  • Affordable finance options including monthly plans if needed.

While the aftermath of a DUI conviction can be daunting you can take the steps needed to get back on the road. With the ALCOLOCK team you’ll be on track and moving forward in no time. Let ALCOLOCK take the hassle and stress out of your ignition interlock device by calling us today!

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