Ignition Interlock Installation | Illinois

      What is Ignition Interlock Installation?

      Ignition interlock installation is the process by which you have an IID device (ignition interlock device) installed in your vehicle. These devices help prevent drunk driving. They also help restore some freedoms back to you while you serve our license suspension and/or probation periods after a DUI or DWI conviction. The IID is attached to your ignition, and won’t start unless you take and pass a BAC test, otherwise known as a breathalyzer. Typically, you must have the ignition interlock installation completed on any car you’re going to drive during the period under which your driving privileges are restricted.

      Illinois Laws Regarding Ignition Interlock Installation

      In Illinois, you can either get a Monitored Device Driving Permit (MDDP) or a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP). If you’re issued an MDDP, it’s because your license has been suspended. You get an RDP if your license has been revoked. Either way, you’ll have to install an IID in any car you will be driving. Illinois state law requires you to have the installation completed by state-approved vendors, and you must use, maintain, and schedule regular upkeep on your device until such time as your license is no longer restricted.

      Where to Have Ignition Interlock Installation Completed in Illinois

      It’s critical that you only have your IID device installed by an Illinois state-approved vendor who can follow the court order, monitor your progress, submit reports, provide training and routine maintenance, and remove your device when the time comes.

      What to Expect at an Ignition Interlock Installation in Illinois

      Your ALCOLOCK installation appointment can be made over the phone and scheduled within two days of ALCOLOCK receiving verification that you need the device. The appointment will consist of the installation, training, and scheduling your first follow-up maintenance appointment. You’ll have to come in regularly, usually monthly, throughout the period of time during which you are mandated to have the IID installed. Once you have served out your time, we’ll remove the device for you, as well.

      ALCOLOCK has several locations in Illinois. We’re happy to help you get back on the road – and on the path to success. Take your first step forward by scheduling your ignition interlock installation with one of our approved vendors in Illinois today. The list below can help you choose the Illinois ALCOLOCK location that’s closest to you.


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