Ignition Interlock Device Installation in Virginia

      ALCOLOCK has nearly 20 locations for you to choose from for ignition interlock device installation in Virginia. From Lebanon to Chesapeake to Winchester, we have The Old Dominion covered. We are a state-approved Ignition Interlock provider. Ignition interlock device (IID) installation is not a do-it-yourself job. So if you were hoping to get a used one on eBay or Amazon and install it yourself, think again.

      In Virginia, ignition interlock installation is mandated by a court order or by the DMV. You cannot schedule an ignition interlock device installation voluntarily. You must have been issued a restricted license, and supply that documentation to your IID provider.

      Virginia Laws Regarding Ignition Interlock Installation

      If you’ve been convicted of DUI, Virginia requires you to serve a license suspension of at least a year, even after your first offense. However, during that time period, you may be able to apply for a restricted license, if you agree to install an ignition interlock device. If you’ve had prior DUI convictions in Virginia you may face up to a three-year or even an indefinite license suspension. It’s important to follow all the court orders, rules, and regulations in order to obtain the most positive outcome.

      Virginia’s administrative code (24VAC35-60-80) regarding ignition interlock device installation has helpful information on what you need to do to get an IID installed.

      What to Expect at an Ignition Interlock Installation in Virginia

      At your ignition interlock installation appointment, the technician will install the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in your vehicle. The ECU is the component connected to your starter. The technician will connect the handheld unit, which is what you blow into. Your technician will calibrate the device specifically to you, and show you how to blow into the device to register a valid breath sample.

      They will also explain what all of the sounds and screen messages mean, and what you need to do to succeed in your restricted driving program. If someone else will be driving your car while the IID is installed, they will need to come to your appointment as well, so that the device may be calibrated for them, and that they may undergo training as well.

      At that first appointment, you will also schedule your first monthly service appointment. You may be charged a fee for the ignition interlock device installation, and there will be a charge for each service visit. You are responsible for all charges and fees associated with your restricted license and your interlock device.

      How an Ignition Interlock Device Works

      You probably know by now that an ignition interlock device connects your vehicle’s ignition (starter) system to what is basically an in-car breathalyzer. You are required to blow into the device each time you want to start the car. If the device detects a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .02 or above, the IID will prevent you from starting your vehicle. Once you blow a clean sample, you can start the car as you normally would.

      You are also required to blow random samples once you have started driving. These are called rolling retests. If you fail the rolling retest, the device WILL NOT shut off your engine while you are driving. But if you fail the test or skip the rolling retest, the state requires that your IID trigger the horn to start honking and the lights to start flashing until you stop the car.

      The Commission on Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) Ignition Interlock Process & Procedure Manual really lays everything out in regard to state ignition interlock device requirements. VASAP is the monitoring agency. You will be assigned an ASAP case manager for the duration of your restricted driving program. They will receive a report of everything your ignition interlock device records, including:

      • Date and time you took a breath test
      • Whether you passed or failed that test
      • When you took a rolling retest
      • If you skipped a rolling retest
      • Whether you passed or failed the rolling retest
      • If you tried to tamper with the device
      • If you tried to get someone else to take the test for you
      • And more

      Your ASAP must report any test failure to the Commission on VASAP for review. An alcohol-related interlock violation may result in an extension of the time you must have the IID installed, or further penalties from the court.

      Full compliance with the ignition interlock program will result in you regaining full driving privileges in the shortest amount of time.

      Schedule Ignition Interlock Device Installation in Virginia

      To schedule an ignition interlock device installation in Virginia, call the ALCOLOCK installation location nearest you, or call (866) 700-9300. We will ask you for documentation from the VASAP to indicate you are cleared to get an IID installed. In most cases, we can get you scheduled within 2 days of your call.

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