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How Bill HB 555 Hopes to Change Florida DUI Laws
In late 2015, the Highway and Waterway Safety Subcommittee submitted Bill HB 555 to the Florida Senate. This bill suggests that first time DUI offenders need to install an ignition interlock, at their own expense, into any vehicle they plan to operate, regardless of the level of intoxication upon ar...

What are you driving in Florida?

What are you driving in Florida?
According to Florida DUI laws, the term ‘vehicle’ is defined in many different ways. Some vehicles are motorized, like cars or trucks, while others are man-powered, such as bicycles or skateboards. And yes, you read that correctly: According to Florida DUI laws, you can be convicted of a DUI while r...

Can You Afford to Refuse a Breathalyzer Test in Florida?
Picture this: You ate dinner accompanied by a glass of beer or wine over an hour ago and suddenly police emergency lights flash in the rear-view mirror, demanding that you pull over. The officer walks up, taps your window and asks for a breath sample in order to determine your level of intoxication....

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