Ignition Interlock Installation | Michigan

      What is Ignition Interlock Installation?

      If you’ve been convicted on a DUI or DWI, you’ve probably been told that in order to continue driving during a period of license suspension you’ll have to install an ignition interlock device, or IID. Ignition interlock installation is the process by which that IID will be installed in your vehicle. The device is connected to your engine and also to a handheld breathalyzer. You’ll have to supply a breath sample both before you can start the ignition and at random intervals while you’re traveling to ensure that you haven’t consumed alcohol before driving or after the engine has started. This helps keep you and the public safe from the effects of drinking and driving while also offering you some driving privileges during a period of what would otherwise be license suspension. An ignition interlock installation has to be done by licensed and trained technicians at state-approved locations in order to be valid and successful.

      Michigan Laws Regarding Ignition Interlock Installation

      In Michigan, ignition interlock installation is mandated via a court order. It’s usually required if you tested with a BAC of 0.08 and 0.17 at the time of your arrest. In order to be in the ignition interlock program in Michigan, you have to have an IID installed on any vehicle you intend to operate during the period of time that you’ll be in the program. If you drive for work, Michigan law states that your employer has to be told about the IID requirement. However, they are not required to install an IID on any work vehicle, so you may have to make arrangements to use your vehicle depending on the situation. Once you’ve gone through the necessary installation you can become eligible for a restricted license. In most cases you’re allowed to go to work, school, and necessary appointments, but some people are more or less free to drive where they’d like. It just depends on what your court order says.

      Keep in mind that driving a vehicle without an IID can lead to your vehicle being immobilized, all of your driving privileges being revoked, and your plates being impounded. If your technician finds that you’ve tampered with the device or tried to remove it, the same penalties can be applied. Make sure to follow the program and all regulations associated with it in order to complete the program successfully.

      Where to Have Ignition Interlock Installation Completed in Michigan

      It’s critical that you only have your IID device installed by a state-approved vendor in Michigan. Only a state-approved, highly trained technician can follow the court order, monitor your progress, submit reports, provide training and routine maintenance, and remove your device when the time comes. Failure to have your ignition interlock installed by a state-approved service provider can result in having driving privileges revoked in some cases, so it’s important to make sure the location you’re visiting is approved and registered.

      What to Expect at an Ignition Interlock Installation in Michigan

      The first thing you’ll need to do is make an initial appointment. Your ALCOLOCK installation appointment can be made over the phone, and we can have your appointment date scheduled within two days after receiving the necessary verification indicating that you do need an IID installed. At your first appointment, our trained technicians will install the device and train you on everything you need to know to remain compliant. You’ll also schedule your first follow-up appointment. These maintenance appointments will happen regularly as indicated by law, usually on a monthly basis, to make sure the device is working properly, hasn’t been tampered with, and that everything is functioning the way it should. Once you’re able to remove the IID, we’ll take care of device removal, as well, during your final appointment.

      ALCOLOCK has many locations across the United States. We’re happy to help you get back on the road – and on the path to success. Take your first step forward by scheduling your ignition interlock installation with one of our approved vendors in Michigan today. The list below can help you choose the Michigan ALCOLOCK location that’s closest to you.


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