The WR2 alcohol interlock features electrochemical fuel cell sensor to ensure that every test is only testing for alcohol, reducing the chance of a false-positive. Programmable at the factory level to include random rolling retests, service appointment reminders, and violation resets in cases of program violation. For more information, please see the specifications and brochure below.

Sensor: Electro-chemical (fuel cell)
Accuracy: ± 5 percent
Stability: ± 5 mg% after 67 days
Time to Ready: 1 to 5 minutes depending on ambient temperature
Breath Sample: Continuous expiration for 5 sec
Breath Volume: minimum 1.5 liters
Readout: Pass, Warn, Fail or digital display
BAC Format: mg%, %BAC, Promille, or mg/L
Accuracy: ± 0.02@ 0.20 mg/L
Temperature Range: -45°C to +85°C
Humidity: up to 95% RH
Altitude: up to 3500 meters
EMI: surpasses FCC Class A standards
Voltage Range: 9 to 18 volts dc
Vibration: exceeds SAE standard J1211
Compliance Standards: Meets published standards for USA, Canada, Australia and Sweden