The products we offer at ALCOLOCK are the best you’ll find in the industry. How do we know? Because we control the entire process and develop our own products. That way, we can control the quality from inception to production. We’ve never been satisfied with offering a single device or reselling an existing line of products. Instead, we’re wholly committed to immersing ourselves in the industry. We’re proud to have established a reputation for being experts in our field. We’ve stayed at the top of the industry by developing a wide range of high-quality products that span the entire gamut, from lab equipment to devices that aid program facilitators to the breathalyzers and products the consumer uses throughout their program. Our mouthpiece line is a part of the quality product offerings we’ve developed to make the road to license reinstatement and independence as easy as possible.

Mouthpiece Basics

Our mouthpieces are recyclable plastic mouthpieces designed to work with a wide variety of breathalyzers and ignition interlock devices. We wrap each mouthpiece in plastic packaging to ensure that every sample is sanitary. This minimizes the chance of false results and contaminated samples. Most of our mouthpieces come in packs of 25. You may purchase a higher quantity of mouthpieces for a discounted bulk rate.

Mouthpiece Specifications

We offer eight different designs when it comes to our mouthpiece selection. Each design is created specifically for a breathalyzer or set of breathalyzers. Here are the mouthpieces we offer and their corresponding compatible devices


  • ASIV Mouthpiece → Compatible with ALCOSENSOR IV and RBT IV
  • Evoc Mouthpiece → Compatible with the DRIVESAFE evoc devices
  • Oval Mouthpiece → Fits most devices
  • Pressure Tube Mouthpiece → Created specifically for the ALERT J5
  • R-FLow (One-Way) Mouthpiece → Fits most devices
  • Round Mouthpiece → Compatible with DRIVESAFE devices, the ALERT J4X, ALCOLOCK V3, ALCOLOCK LR, ALCOTEST 7410, and ALCOTEST 7110
  • SAF’IR Mouthpiece → Created specifically for the SAF’IR EVOLUTION
  • Square Mouthpiece → Fits most devices


Our mouthpieces are a wonderful addition to any IID program or product lineup, but it’s only one of many devices, accessories, and other items we offer at ALCOLOCK. We’ve worked hard to create a vast range of products and services specifically designed to help you. Whether you’re a driver hoping to find ways to complete your program in the most efficient and successful way possible or a service center aiming to better assist your clients, we have something that can help you. Have a look at our shop, and do let us know if you have any questions. We’d be happy to assist you in finding the perfect product or solution to help you achieve success.

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