ALCOLOCK is committed to offering top-quality products that we develop ourselves. We aren’t satisfied with offering a single device or reselling an existing line of products. Instead, we are committed to immersing ourselves in the industry. Over the years, we’ve established a reputation for being experts in our field. We’ve stayed at the top of the industry by developing a wide range of high-quality products that span the entire gamut, from lab equipment to devices that aid program facilitators to the breathalyzers and products the consumer uses throughout their program. Our calibration equipment is one of the quality products we offer to help make the road to license reinstatement and independence as easy as possible.

Calibration Equipment Basics

Our calibration equipment is used to maintain the accuracy of your testing device. You can use our calibration equipment in a variety of locations and settings depending on the products you choose to purchase. Some calibration methods allow you to conduct the calibration in your vehicle or on the go. When using this equipment, it’s important to obtain proper training (if required), read all of the instructions, and follow them exactly in order to ensure accuracy. This line of products is perfect for anyone who wants to regularly calibrate their IID or breathalyzer to ensure long-term accuracy and program success.

Calibration Equipment Specifications

ALCOLOCK has a range of top-quality calibration equipment to help you keep your device in the best condition possible. Using our calibration equipment regularly can help you complete your program with as few setbacks as possible. Here are the five products in our calibration line.

  • Alcohol Reference Solution
  • Gas Calibration Kit
  • High Purity Gas Regulator
  • Recycle Tool

ALCOLOCK’s calibration equipment is just one of our many accessories and products. Whether you’re a driver looking for ways to more efficiently complete your program or a facilitator seeking to expand upon your existing line of product offerings to better serve your client base, we have many options that can help you reach your goals. Check out our shop for more outstanding products and services developed to help you succeed.

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