Smartphone Breathalyzers

The products we offer at ALCOLOCK are the best you’ll find in the industry. How do we know? Because we control the entire process and develop our own products. That way, we can control the quality from inception to production. We’ve never been satisfied with offering a single device or reselling an existing line of products. Instead, we’re wholly committed to immersing ourselves in the industry. We’re proud to have established a reputation for being experts in our field. We’ve stayed at the top of the industry by developing a wide range of high-quality products that span the entire gamut, from lab equipment to devices that aid program facilitators to the breathalyzers and products the consumer uses throughout their program. Smartphone breathalyzers are some of the quality products we offer to help make the road to license reinstatement and independence as easy as possible.

Smartphone Breathalyzer Basics

Smartphone breathalyzers allow you the convenience of modern technology and the efficiency of being able to test anywhere you are. Any ALCOLOCK device that works with your smartphone also has an app that will let you quickly and easily see your results, remind you of your appointments, and track your passes. Smartphone breathalyzers are yet another way that ALCOLOCK hopes to make the ignition interlock process more efficient. Large, unsightly devices that hook up to your car can be embarrassing and difficult to manage, especially if you’re already in a hurry. Being able to wirelessly connect to an intuitive app with easy-to-read visual results means you can get on the road and on with your life sooner.

Smartphone Breathalyzer Specifications

Our smartphone breathalyzers each have unique qualities, features, and benefits. Be sure to browse the available devices, and read each product page so you’re clear on the specifications for each individual breathalyzer. If you have any questions about our smartphone breathalyzers or would like help choosing the right one for you, the ALCOLOCK team is always happy to assist you.

ALCOLOCK’s smartphone breathalyzers are some of the many high-quality products and services we offer. Are you a driver looking for ways to more efficiently complete your program? Maybe you’re a service provider seeking to expand upon your existing line of product offerings to better serve your client base. No matter who you are, if you’re involved in the license reinstatement and ignition interlock process, we have many options that can help you reach your goals. Check out our shop for more outstanding products and services developed to help you succeed.  

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